The National Curriculum ensures that all children have access to a common body of essential knowledge to which they are all entitled.  At Shirley Manor Primary Academy our school curriculum is built around the total experience of the child. We are determined to provide a curriculum that ensures all children gain a common body of essential knowledge, whilst also fostering thought, curiosity and a desire for learning in all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, strengths and needs. We have achieved an effective curriculum because we have a balance between what we must teach and what we like to teach to meet the unique needs of our children in our local community.

Our aim is to deliver a carefully designed, planned and organised curriculum that challenges, engages and inspires children to become confident, successful learners that achieve their best and this is a key driving force.

We are determined to ensure that our curriculum provides breadth, balance and depth for every learner across every area of the curriculum in our school. We regularly revisit our curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose.

The Shirley Manor Curriculum has 3 ‘drivers’ which are constantly considered when deciding how and what we teach. These are:

Independent Learning
Fresh Experiences

At Shirley Manor we want to develop children’s independence, motivation as learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens in all our teaching and learning.

It provides imaginative starting points through a book-based approach, where creatively-linked subjects are enriched by educational trips, inspirational visitors and targeted home learning. Our curriculum aims to be a gateway to opportunity and to a fulfilling and prosperous life in Modern Britain and beyond.

We have developed a school mantra GROWTH which links with Growth Mindset and with our carefully designed curriculum.

Going places
Open minded

More information about our curriculum and how is it sequenced can be obtained by contacting the school and looking at the sections below as well as our class pages.