Before and After School Provision

Breakfast Club

£1.50 per day/child

Our Breakfast Club is open to all children from Nursery Class to Year 6. If you would like to register your child to attend Breakfast Club, please call at the school office for a registration form, or download the form below.

Children attending Breakfast Club should enter the building via the dining hall room door at the rear of the building and report to Miss Morrell or Mrs Thomas. Opening times are 8:00am until the start of the school day. Children are very well supervised, in a calm and relaxed environment. Breakfast is provided by our school kitchen and is very reasonably priced. All we ask is that if your child attends our Breakfast Club, they eat breakfast at school. The last breakfast will be served at 8:30am. The cost for your child to attend is £1.50 per day plus the cost of breakfast.

Breakfast Club Rules

Excellent behaviour along with respect for staff and school equipment is

expected from the children at all times.

If your child has a verbal warning due to poor behaviour or misuse of equipment, they will be expected to sit at the side of the hall for 5 minutes. The warning will be noted in the register and 3 warnings in one week will result in a ONE DAY BREAKFAST CLUB EXCLUSION.

School will contact you the day prior to the exclusion from Breakfast Club

Download Registration Form

After School Clubs

Every day until 5:30pm

Our after school club is open every day from 3:15pm to 5:30pm for children in Nursery to Y6. Children are supervised in the Nursery area in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  Activities and games are provided and if weather permits, they may play outside.  The cost to attend the after school club is £4.50 per child per night.  Providing your child has a place booked at after school club, he/she can still attend other organised extra curricular activities, which usually finish at 4 – 4:15pm, and then join the after school club until 5:30pm; you will still need to pay for the after school club charge but you will get extra curricular activities free of charge.  Children can bring a snack to school with them to eat in the club although we also provide snacks, milk and water.

We only have 8 places for Nursery children and 20 places available for the rest of school per session; these will be prioritised for those parents who need childcare due to work commitments. If you would like to reserve a place for your child/children, please fill in the form and return to the school office.

Bookings can be made for the whole term or on a week-to-week basis. Parents/Carers agree to book sessions at least one week in advance using the booking form. Fees are payable in advance using ParentPay and should be made no later than the Friday before the club is needed. Cash payments are not accepted.

Late Bookings – Occasionally there may be availability on the day, which can be booked by calling the school office. Please be aware this will incur an extra cost of £1.00 per session and payment needs to be made the same day.

After School Club Rules

Excellent behaviour along with respect for staff and school equipment is expected from the children at all times.
If your child is poorly behaved or misuses equipment, they may be excluded from staying to the club.  School will contact you to advise of any exclusion.


Parents/Carers will be charged a late fee for any collections after 5:30pm. They will be charged £5 for every five minutes they are late. Children will not be able to access the club until this has been paid.

(Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration by the headteacher).

Download Registration Form