Where possible Geography is taught as part of the thematic curriculum at Shirley Manor Academy.

Careful planning ensures progression of both knowledge and skills from Year 1 through to Year 6. Learning is also enhanced and ‘brought to life’ by a range of activities which include visitors to the school, workshops and trips to both the local area and places of geographical interest.

In Geography, children are given the opportunity to study different places around the world and develop an understanding of how different human and physical processes help to shape it. They are introduced to the features of our local area and then extend their knowledge through the study and comparison of other places around the world. As well as building their knowledge, in lessons, children are taught geographical skills such as map work and also carry out fieldwork.

The Geography topics provide links with other areas of the curriculum, particularly Computing and English. Children often use the computers for research and also to present their findings. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for writing, e.g. weather reports, balanced arguments, newspaper articles etc.