School Clubs

We aim to offer a range of opportunities for children to take part in clubs and special events. These clubs are run by school staff or outside organisations who we work in partnership with. Please note that there are limited spaces, we will endeavour to make sure children get a place on one of the clubs they choose.

Please take a moment to read the information below concerning after school clubs;

Art Club

Monday – 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Age Group – Year 3/ Year 4

Wednesday- 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Age Group – Year 1/ Year 2

Art club, allows children to explore different materials indoors and outdoors and provides them with the opportunity to create their own art work. Each week children will be inspired by famous artists and festivals to help them create their own pieces of work. Children will experience different materials such as paint, oil, pastels, chalk, pencils, water paints and natural resources.  Children will also take part in various crafts related to different topics throughout the year such as Chinese new year, valentines day and much more. Get ready to get creative!

Performing Arts

Tuesday – 3.15pm – 4.15pm
Age Group – Year 1/2

Our performing arts club is a fantastic little group led by Jenny. They learn a range of songs, dances & acting that they will perform regularly within school and at external events in the near future. Be sure not to miss them if you get the chance.

Multi Skills

Wednesday – 3:15pm – 4:20pm
Age Group – KS2

Multi skills is a club that provides children with the opportunity to learn about a range of different sports. Some of the sports included are, football, dodge ball, tennis, netball and rugby. Each week will focus on a different sport and the skills within it. This club will provide a fun an exciting introduction into sport, as well as aiding the physical development of children.

Lego Club

Thursday – 8am – 8.45am
Age group – KS2

This club is an opportunity for pupils to build Lego constructions using physical resources available to them. Children are able to develop teamwork skills through working in small groups to complete construction projects and are able to utilise their problem solving skills.

STEM club 

Monday – 3:20-4:15pm
Age group – Year 3/4

Kwik Cricket 

Monday – 3:20-4:15pm
Age group – KS2

Girls Football KS2

Thursday – 3:20-4:15pm
Age group – KS2