Interventions and School Led Tuition

School interventions are specific additional activities, usually in maths and English at school. School interventions can take many forms for example one to one or small groups. The idea is that a child receives the intervention to support them in their area of need and then, assuming the intervention has the desired effect, after a time they are taken off the intervention programme and another child is selected to benefit.

Some school interventions may happen during lesson time. This may be by the teacher or a teaching assistant. Sometimes the intervention maybe incorporated into your whole class teaching, as what helps one will usually support or consolidate for others too. Other interventions take place outside the classroom but during lesson time – a small group or 1:1 targeted intervention led by a teaching assistant or specialist teacher, for example.

Interventions can also happen as an after school or breakfast club which is called school led tuition. These tend to more focussed targeting a specific area.  Chosen children from each class attend a session 3 times a week for half an hour which is led by a member of school staff. This is normally for half a term however this can be extended if school staff feel it would be beneficial.

If you would like to know more about interventions or school led tuition please contact Mrs Lacey.