How to we assess?


At Shirley Manor Primary Academy, children work within the National Curriculum.  The children are expected to achieve Age Related Expectations (ARE) based on National Curriculum objectives.  When pupils have an understanding of skills and concepts, they are provided with opportunities to master these skills by using and applying them in a variety of ways.


A scale is used to track progress and predict if the children are on track to meet ARE (highlighted in green).  To meet ARE children need to achieve certain objectives according to the Year Group they are in.  The expectation is that children reach point 4 by the end of the academic year.

When a child enters a new school year, their level of attainment should show that they are ‘emerging’ within the AREs for that year’s expectations. As they continue to make progress, they should move through:

Emerging (E)
Proceeding (P)
Developing (D)
Secure (S)
Greater Depth (G)

Some children who have additional needs may be working in a Year Group below their age.
A number will therefore appear in front of the letter to show this. For example, a child in Year 3 may be working on Year 1 objectives. This would be recorded as 1P etc.