Future Me

We started Future Me Week in March 2018 to give the children the opportunity to explore the world of work and raise their aspirations. This has evolved as the years have past. We also have Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) weeks as well as enterprise initiatives.

The children spend time during the academic year learning about all aspects of life and work with inspirational speakers coming into school to talk to all year groups about their chosen careers. These have ranged from a female construction worker, a male dancer, a magistrate judge, plumber, geologist and many more.

This not only provided the children with some ideas for their future careers, but also showed them ways in which they can be valuable and responsible members of society. It has challenged stereo typing and open their eyes to more unusual careers. It motivated them to think about their learning behaviours and how they can apply these across the whole curriculum.

It has encouraged them to think about the local and wider community and how they can contribute when they are older.

Who knows what jobs will be available in the future!